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Decentralized Finance is the new order of the day when it comes to the cryptocurrency world. In recent times we have been seeing more Crypto projects adopting Defi as well as the creation of more Defi coins and tokens.


It's been said that Defi will be a great driving force of finance in the future but there are some flaws encountered in the system that can pose as a threat to the future of Defi.

A system that can handle the growing need for the responsibility of Defi is needed to eliminate this threat.


Most Defi coins and tokens utilize the ethereum Blockchain and this Blockchain though good possess some flaws like needed gas fees to accomplish a transaction is highly outrageous and also there is a problem associated with the speed as at times a transaction can take a considerable amount of time and this can pose some stress and conflicts to users that heir transactions to be dispatch immediately.

Radix platform is the right system to solve these flaws encountered in Defi.


 Radix is set up to power Decentralised finance. As the future of Defi, Radix DLT is building a decent protocol to aide aside finances focusing on three drives of growth



Users do experience some level of difficulty when transacting funds either in or out of the Defi ecosystem. Radix has been able to set up a user-centric approach which is focused to give users the best user experience when utilizing Radix DLT




Radix is set up to provide an advanced liquidity system as liquidity is the backbone of the economy and Cryptocurrency inclusive. Radix will provide developers, communities as well as market markers the local functionalities needed for a project to ease the assessment of liquidity pools at the call of an API.


This is aimed to solve the restricted liquidity in tokens and assets across several platforms.




This is achievable by the prospective increment in volume as well as the liquidity that will subsequently boost the creation of more assets and products to users of the RADIX platform.


In order for Defi to go mainstream, a DLT platform is needed that will fully support both users and developers with necessary no friction.

And Radix DLT is such a platform with its financial infrastructure design, low cost of running a transaction, the good speed at which transactions are being executed, and also is the ability to solve the issue of security encountered in some platforms.


Radix has been able to release four technologies dedicated to serving Defi and these are:


  • Cerberus;a consensus algorithm machine with a high speed


  • Radix Engine;Creates logic and correct results on ledger according to request


  • Component Catalog;A library to build Defi, dedicated to providing developers the needed on-ledger hub to create and build DApps.


  • Developer Royalties;A program for providing decentralized incentives.


Radix is a layer-1 mainstream protocol whose four technologies are well designed to take Defi to the next new dimension in the financial world. In Radix, their absence of friction between decentralize applications and a scalable with the right incentives is given.

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