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Will Bitcoin pass 25k in 2020?

By lucasc | Crypto Thoughts | 10 Feb 2020

The Bitcoin price has gone up to around 19000 before. With more adoption and development moving forward all the time, we are prepped for a big gain!


You can see last time the price went up, it went up hard all the way to nearly 20k. After falling below 5000 we are now on very positive trends.

This Year in Bitcoin

There will be a bitcoin conference with developers, speakers, and individuals of the community. Buy tickets and read information

The Halvening will decrease block rewards, increase scarcity, and the value of the coin potentially quite a lot.

With Lightning Network and more scripting capabilities, Bitcoin can be used by large enterprises to exchange payments at almost zero fees and still have the computational safety guarantee of the blockchain. 

What will Bitcoin do this year with all of this happening? I think it may go over 25000!

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