How I got 250$ in free Bitcoin last week! Only possible until March 1st!

This past week I managed to get myself around 250$ in free Bitcoin!  And I felt the need to share how, just in case any of you are eligible or lucky enough to do the same.


Long story short, I was able to get around 250$ In signup and referral bonuses because I did not have a Robinhood or a WeBull account; I then simply cashed it all out and used the free money to buy Bitcoin on Coinbase.  If you already have both of these, then you could probably stop reading now, but if you do not, let me show you how I did it.


Robinhood (Only if you do not have an account) 


  1. Use my referral link to download Robinhood:  



  1. Complete KYC steps and wait on account to be verified
  2. Deposit 1$ - yes ONE dollar - and you will receive one free bonus stock (probably some small cap healthcare stock worth between 5-10$
  3. Refer mom
  4. Refer wife/girlfriend (If you have both, refer them both)
  5. Receive two more free stocks between 5-10$
  6. Cash everything out
  7. Profit between 16-30$
  8. Buy Bitcoin on your favorite exchange
  9. Delete Robinhood because it sucks.


WeBull (This one takes a little longer)


  1. Use my referral link to download WeBull:


  1. Complete KYC steps and wait on account to be verified
  2. Once account is verified deposit 100$ (you will get it back after a week)
  3. Receive one signup bonus stock instantly (probably F or GE)
  4. Check the WeBull Wheel and complete all of the tasks except for the invite task. 
  5. Refer Mom
  6. Refer Wife/Girlfriend (If you have both, I wouldn’t refer your girlfriend on this one)
  7. Receive 2 free stocks instantly and receive 2 more after their deposits clear in a week)
  8. Check the WeBull Wheel and receive ANOTHER 2 stocks.  (Again probably F or GE)
  9. Cash everything out
  10. Profit between 60-75$
  11. Buy Bitcoin on your favorite exchange
  12. Keep WeBull if you trade stocks because it's actually pretty cool.


Now, you will probably notice that my math does not equal to 250$ as I titled in the article.  Currently we are at about 95$-100$.  There was some luck involved on my part.


Both Robinhood and WeBull use a lottery like mechanism on the referral bonuses.  You have a 90% change to receive a stock worth between 5.00 and 10.00.  But on Robinhood you have a 5% change to receive a free stock worth between 10-250$ and another 5% chance to receive a stock worth between 250$ and 1000$.  WeBull uses a similar mechanism on both the signup bonus, referral bonus, deposit, bonus, and on the WeBull wheel.  The WeBull wheel actually has a small chance to receive a share of Google, which is worth like 1600$ I think.


When my wife got her free signup bonus on Robinhood, she received a 160$ stock in Johnson and Johnson, which brought our personal total up to 250$.  So yes, there was some luck involved in my personal results, but at the bare minimum you’re looking at a free 100$ish dollars in Bitcoin if that’s where you choose to put it.  

A warning:  I’m not sure about Robinhood, but a lot of these bonuses on WeBull end on March 1st, so you have a limited amount of time to pull this off.  

On a side note, if any of you are aware of any other brokerages with easy referral bonuses that I am unaware of, please, please share the info in the comments section.

I have nothing against stocks (thats where my paycheck money goes), but I use a strict rule that any “free money” I receive from my internet activities, I put straight into Crypto.  I wish you all the best of luck.  HODL long and Prosper!

P.S.  If you are so new at this that you do not even have a Coinbase account, here is my referral code:

P.S.S.  A note on referral codes:  If you are also so new at this that you are unfamiliar with the unspoken, yet widely understood rule of referral codes, let me speak it out loud.  Don’t ever sign up for a new account for anything that gives you the opportunity to enter a referral code unless you have a referral code; it's just mean.  By all means, use the code of someone you know if possible, but even if not possible, I have literally done random searches on google for randomly posted referral codes in the case that I stumbled upon something on my own just so some lucky chap could profit with no expense to me.

LOL.  Im just kidding … 

… but also kinda not … 

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