Tesla the currently largest bitcoin supporter

Bitcoin suddenly bull run is due to Tesla Motors Co LTD investment of $1.5 Bn on Bitcoin

Bitcoin has pumped to $47k today Tuesday after the Tesla Motors Company owned by the world richest man Elon Musk announces the biggest investment on bitcoin. Aside from that Tesla Motors has claimed that they could start accepting digital currency payments for their electric cars, but they dont mention on which currency they could accept payment, but the rumors they might be accepting both bitcoin and doge coin because this are mostly coins that Elon Musk has boost them in high level.


Just imagine only Tesla motors investyment has pump bitcoin that much, what do you think once SpaceX also accepting digital currencies payments, I think there is how cryptocurrencies will go to the moon by SpaceX.


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Crypto the best place to invest but not to earn
Crypto the best place to invest but not to earn

Crypto is just the way of investing, many people thoughts that's investing is the way of earning, but the meaning of investing meant to be assuming for risk and rewards that's happened, that's why in investing you need to be patient.

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