Be aware some of scammers are using similar websites to legit websites scam> legit be aware of this both domains

Today I just reviewing on some of website to earn online but I've faced with the platform that's pretend to be the largest Forex broker company so that's they announced that their platform started to accept people to be investing their funds to be earning passive income up to 350% per month, the website named as AXTRADER which is copied to the legit platform which is AXITRADER which are somehow having similar themes.

Whats differentiate this platforms is one character where by scam platform named AXTRADER (AX without "I" character), and the legit platform is named AXITRADER (AXI containing "I" character), but both of them are using same domain which is (.com), so that's guys you must be aware of this AXTRADER platform because you'll be getting scammed once you have using it, Here is how you can differentiate this both platform.



If you look at the image above it is the legit AXITRADER which is among of the largest forex brokers in the world and that's why scammers has using that platform name to fool investors to make them believe that it is really project offered by AXITRADER.


If you look at the image above it is the fake AXTRADER platform which pretend to be AXITRADER legit platform, the aim of this project is to attract the investors by using the similar domain to AXITRADER because they know that so many people knows AXITRADER and they are believing on it, so that's it would be easy to attract investors that's are eligible to be scammed, so that's guys lets be aware on this AXITRADER is legit and AXTRADER is scam.

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My name is emanec I'm the online worker from different platforms such as moderation's jobs and I'm the Forex and Crypto trader

Crypto the best place to invest but not to earn
Crypto the best place to invest but not to earn

Crypto is just the way of investing, many people thoughts that's investing is the way of earning, but the meaning of investing meant to be assuming for risk and rewards that's happened, that's why in investing you need to be patient.

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