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A bright shining star in cryptocurrency sky - Diminutive coin

By Terrence Briggs | crypto_stuff | 4 Mar 2020

Let's get straight to the point. Diminutive coin (DIMI) no longer needs an introduction. But I will do one anyway just for the sake of crypto.

It is based on the hmq1725 algorithm, which means you can easily mine it with your CPU and GPU. There will be only 200k coins ever produced (in approximately 18 years) from now, so it is here to stay. It has both POW and POS phase working simultaneously side by side, where miners get more coins for their hard work (and it's reasonable). So I have a question? Why are you still reading this and not mining yet? Just kidding, keep reading.

Diminutive coin is now two months old and as you can see by joining the discord, the community is growing strong day by day. Not only that, updates and security measures are in order when needed to keep the network safer and more reliable. Another month, another great performance I might add.

DIMI is now available for mining at five mining pools, you can refer to the picture below.

Diminutive mining pools

If you still don't know how to mine (which I doubt) you can watch YouTube video below just in case (credit goes to community member Arul).

In two months' time, this coin is listed in exchange and guess what? Price is ranging anywhere from $1.50 — $3.0 for a coin.

Diminutive price

That's impressive. And while in classic POW/POS coins you would need to mine or buy coins for staking, by joining discord you can also earn coins by being an active member of a community. Developer rewards people for contributing to its coin. Isn't that awesome?

I told you, it will surprise you.

New coins take time, energy and hard work above all to get it successful. In eight years in crypto, I have seen coins disappearing as they emerge. But this is not the case with this coin. Community coins are the future where each member contributes with their own ideas and gets credited for it.

Diminutive coin is here to stay for a long, long time. With its limited supply who knows what the price will be in five years' time. I see it as a next Unobtanium (UNO) killer. Now check UNO prices and see what I am talking about. Without a doubt, DIMI will have a bright future in upcoming years and you and you can be a part of this amazing crypto success story. I wouldn't wait if I were you.

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