My Thoughts On PublishOX After Two Days Of Use

By duckmast3r | crypto stuff | 29 Apr 2019

This is the end of my second day on PublishOX and I am a bit impressed with the way the site functions. On the first day I wasn't a publisher yet so I was just able to tip the publishers. I applied to be a publisher and within the next day I was accepted. I was able to publish a post and you can see some results of about $0.40 earned from my post. That means people were able to tip me some Hydro and Bounty OX and now I have about $0.40 because of it.

You can see that I have a total of $0.55 earned though. The $0.15 difference is from tipping the publishers, but it lets me get some of the reward based off the percentage I put on the slider. The only thing I don't like is the amount of tipping you are able to do per day, but I'm sure there is a good reason to not use up all the rewards or something.

Now if you look at the second screenshot my post earnings are separated by Hydro at $0.38 and Bounty OX at $ 0.02. I'm not the best writer so for me that's a pretty good number to see. Overall I am very happy to be on PublishOX and will post an update after a few more days of usage.



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crypto stuff
crypto stuff

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