Off Chain Machine Learning For Web3

By InsideCrypto | Crypto Step by Step | 23 Nov 2022

Hi everyone, we are back with another episode of our podcast allowing you to get to know people working behind the scenes of the crypto industry. Today we are joined by Alan Chiu who is the co-founder and CEO of Enya Labs, core contributor to Boba Network.

Welcome to the one hundred and fifteenth episode of the Inside Crypto Podcast. This episode was recorded on November 15th 2022. Today we talk about what happened with FTX, why TVL is an inaccurate metric and much more.

Thanks everyone for listening and don’t forget to tune in next week where we interview someone else in the cryptocurrency universe.

π•‹π•šπ•žπ•– ℂ𝕠𝕕𝕖𝕀:

0:00 - Intro's
0:53 - His Background
1:53 - Putting Crypto In Perspective
3:27 - How Do We Overcome The Distrust?
5:07 - What Happened With FTX?
7:54 - Self-Custody?
9:06 - What About Regulations?
11:22 - SEC or CFTC?
12:42 - Who Are Enya Labs?
14:24 - Does Boba Incorporate Machine Learning?
16:40 - Is Only Boba Doing Hybrid Compute?
18:41 - What Is The Ultimate Sign of Traction?
20:48 - How Do We Bring L2's To More People?
23:34 - Gaming on Boba Network
24:22 - Is Gaming The Best Onboarding Tool?
26:29 - What Positive Things Are Happing in 2023?
27:52 - Alan's Final Thoughts
28:47 - Outro

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A crypto enthusiast living in Taiwan. Been a miner for a long time but recent convert to Defi.

Crypto Step by Step
Crypto Step by Step

Been a miner for the last three years, but only in the last year got into the crypto space. I want to start this blog to encourage more people to move beyond the alleged complexity of this space and secure their financial future. I can think of no better time then now for people without much financial means to start to make better use of their money.

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