My Crypto Portfolio – December 2023

My Crypto Portfolio – December 2023

By cranialminer | Crypto Stats | 1 Jan 2024

The champagne fizz has settled, the new year resolutions are penned on a blank page, and this is beginning of a new journey . This is another blog of a brand-new series where I will be writing about my current crypto holding.

I will be mostly writing about volatile crypto tokens which are listed on market, and I have withdrawn into my wallet (not into metamask or trust wallet). I use any stable tokens such as USDT only for staking. I haven’t invested anything from my pocket, but I have earned all my tokens through mining, blogging etc.

I will be posting referral links of all legit apps and websites I use at the bottom of this article but feel free to just manually type in the address without the referral part in the URL but I will appreciate if you use my referral links.


Stay tuned for more insights, analysis, and updates as we will be shedding light to this vast realm together. The adventure in this ever-evolving landscape of digital currencies is ongoing, and the next month promises to bring something new with its own set of twists and turns. Until then, happy new year and keep earning!



  • Nodle is a mobile app that allows you to earn NODL tokens by sharing your phone's Bluetooth signal.
  • Cryptotab Browser is a mobile/desktop app with an inbuilt miner that allows users to mine BTC. 
  • Honeygain app is one of many platforms that allows users to earn passive income by sharing your unused internet bandwidth
  • Wombat is home for NFT-Gaming where one can build legacy as a collector of rare NFTs by playing the best games out there.
  • Sweatcoin is a mobile app that will reward you for sweating, I mean for walking and running
  • Wildcash is another crypto mining app by taking quiz.
  • StormGain - Start trading without investment; capital is acquired with the Bitcoin Cloud Miner. 
  • Using Presearch search engine to maximize your income with PRE tokens and stake them later.
  • RollerCoin is the first bitcoin mining simulator game online: gain real cryptocurrencies while playing. Build your virtual data center and start mining BTC and many other crypto currencies.
  • The COIN app is a mobile app that allows users to earn cryptocurrency and other rewards by completing various tasks, such as geomining, watching ads, games, physical activities and completing surveys.
  • The Fone Network app is a mobile cryptocurrency app that allows users to earn, mine, stake, and trade FONE tokens. Use my code and claim your reward: zhm8r7z6, ( Android  iOS)


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