Defi Llama - Yield Farmer's Best Friend

By Hilteezy | Crypto Shorts | 18 Jan 2022

One of the most difficult parts of staying abreast with the latest developments in the space, involves knowing where the best farms are. It really all boils down to information, the most golden treasure of all, it is important to take note of which blockchains have the most TVL (Total Value Locked) and especially when a chain’s TVL suddenly shoots up. Perhaps the market knows something you don’t? 


I would like to introduce you to Defi Llama


It is one of the best sources for information on TVL (Total Value Locked) for Decentralised Finance (DeFi). According to their website, they track over 800 DeFi protocols curated from 80 unique blockchains. They also have “DefiLlama NFT” where you are able to view such information as:

  • Daily Volume
  • Total Volume
  • Floor Price
  • Owners


Essentially, it will show you the same information as Opensea would but they track NFTs on:

  • Ethereum
  • Solana
  • ImmutableX
  • BSC
  • Terra
  • Avalanche
  • Arbitrum
  • Cardano


The value of this website should already be apparent, to have such amazing free data and analytics at your fingertips is incredible. Especially if you are looking for new projects or if you are a true degen, then you will be chasing those high % APR/APYs.


Even if you are chasing those coveted airdrops, this is a great place to go! Of course, it should be noted that the projects below are not guaranteeing that there will be an airdrop for using their projects or bridging, etc. We can however remain hopeful.


I personally love to sift through all the information.. As I had noted above, currently, one of the plays to make is to constantly rotate between the new chains. Why this may be successful for some people is that they are able to quickly deploy to new chains and farm up tokens before more TVL comes in. Then they are able to make massive profits and quickly exit the chain and onto the next. Rinse and repeat.   


This is just a quick look at Defi Llama, I encourage you to go to the website and have a look around. I personally have this bookmarked and check it daily! I really hope that this helps you guys to make informed decisions and to help make sure you are finding the best of farms.


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