Possible scam in progress? Aegis - beware and wait to be listed and the team get public

Possible scam in progress? Aegis - beware and wait to be listed and the team get public

By VNFC | crypto sessions | 20 Aug 2020


I just made an article these days about a new hype in DEFI: Aegis - 30.000.000 tokens, multiplatform - Ethereum, Polkadot, Cosmos, bla,bla and I was thrilled about their contest offered for community that made me wait for the next move: revealing the team behind the project, see some movements on Github, etc


In 22 of August there will be a Public Sale for 300.000 AGS tokens meaning about 1% from the total supply at 0.5 $/token.

I was prepared to participate, but now I am more precautious.

My doubts were shared also by others (bigger than me) like Cryptovigilante, who is known for his struggle to expose the scammers.

So, with only few days before the public sale, we still don't know some vital info about this project and other things are questionable:

- it seems also the telegram group was formed mostly by importing contacts from other groups;

- Github was created recently and is almost empty, with some template code from imToken

- litepaper is made after the Compound medium article

- who is the team? we still don't know

- 3 minutes ago were generated 50.000.000 tokens instead of 30.000.000 which should already existed for the seed and private sale. See Etherscan link

So, my advice is too see things happening and after that, try to invest. Of course, you can do it now, with higher risks.


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we wait and we shall see what the world is bringing to us tomorrow

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