How to lose big money in short time (or how to make it)

By VNFC | crypto sessions | 7 Feb 2021

This is a true story, but it is not like a bad trading or something similar, instead, this is what was happened:

I work with some farmers among other things and the period of fertilizing the soil is approaching very fast. So, I had some negotiations with some of them for supplying with solid fertilizers.

I studied the wholesale prices, I knew the deposits were short because the imports were suspended and I found a good one that could make for the farmer a 9 000 $ less costs than the next cheaper seller. I made the offer Thursday for 700 to of fertilizers.

The catch


This is what you could apply anywhere:

When something is lacking, the price will grow.

So, instead of blocking the total quantity available (I could take 1200 to), I waited for the client's confirmation.

And this came today, along with another request from another farmer.

I was happy to close the deal, but when I called to sign the contract, I was told that the price raised with 75$/to. So I needed to cancel all the negotiations. :(

I said 3 BTC? 3x36000=108.000 $

1200 to x 75$ = 90.000 $ (oh, less than 3 BTC, my mistake). And this in only 5 days.

How I am feeling?


Like a virgin (in business).

You want to listen Madonna's song? Try here (with lyrics)

And then, something in my head was shouting at me:


Yes, I acted like a Stoopid - here is the Alice Cooper's song, but it's important to learn something for this.


  • get immediately what people is looking for, especially when it's lacking

  • prepare for this (make a good contract for preventing defaults - if the seller doesn't want anymore to give the merchandise to you at the established price because now is 15% higher)

  • try to forecast by the history, when are the best periods to make the contracts for buying those goods, because in agriculture there are cyclic events

Don't be like me, be smart. Learn from my mistakes!


And this learning are applied in any domain, even in crypto. So, watch for the opportunities and grab them, not wait for confirmations when you know you are right!

Please, don't take it as a financial advice, only as a lesson to learn something from it.

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