A kind of big Airdrop/reward from OKEX
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A kind of big Airdrop/reward from OKEX

By VNFC | crypto sessions | 21 Apr 2020

hi guys

recently I received an email from https://coincodex.com/ , a well known crypto website with a good offer, especially for the small investors or the beginners.

mail coincodex

for a limited time (until 28 of April) you could benefit of a triple offer:

  • sign up for an account at OKEX Exchange, one of the most important exchanges now and receive a 5 $ reward.
  • if you buy crypto on OKEX for another 100$, you will receive another 10$ tip and
  • if you trade 100$ worth crypto you will get another 15$ (for the first 500 participants).

let's see how things are getting done:

first, you have to signup to https://www.okex.com/ and fill your credentials (you can make it with your phone number or your email):

okex signup

after that, you can login in the future with your Google account or event Telegram!


okex login

Next step is to make the 100% purchase. You can do it with a Mastercard or Visa card, wire transfer or SEPA. I can tell you by now not all cards are accepted (Revolut doesn't work until now).

Before starting with payment tutorial, I want to tell you that I checked the fees and, even it is curious, but payment with cards are cheaper than bank transfer.

With card you will pay about 2,37% fees and with bank transfer - around of 3%.

For example - buying BTC

Binance price: 6311 EUR

OKEX via Koinal card payment: 6460 EUR (including fees)

OKEX via bank transfer: 6532 EUR (not including transfer fees of the bank where you have the account)

USDT or OKB could be bought only by CARD and the fees are around 3%.

You could buy with all payments methods: BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP.

First step for buying crypto on OKEX

Press on "Buy Crypto" button in upper left corner:


Then, you choose which crypto you want to buy and the payment amount: EUR, USD, ARS, AUD.

If you choose EUR, you'll see that 93 are enough for getting the 10$ bonus.




Like I said, if you buy BTC, ETH, XRP or LTC, you have multiple choices for payments:



If wee choose, for example, LTC, we will see all offers in one window:


now, let's get to...

The payment gate

You can choose between several payment gates like: Koinal, Banxa, Mercuryo, Indacoin, Moonpay and Simplex.

Not all are available in any conditions: for example, if you want to buy USDT, you could only get it with card, by Mercuryo, Simplex or Indacoin. It is nice you can see from the beginning all the fees from all operators.


Let's proceed to Mercuryo:

First step is to fill your country and phone number data and press "I agree with Terms of Service". You should receive an SMS on phone with a code which should be input on the site.

Then press: "Buy USDT" which will become orange.


The second step is email verification:


like in the previous step with phone verification, you will receive a code on email and it should be introduced here:


Now, we will fill our personal data and then press "Next":


In the last step we will fill our card data and press "Buy USDT":


That should be all with buying crypto by card. Now, you have to wait between 5 to 20 minutes until the transaction is done.

The next step should get you another 15$ if you are amongst 500 users who makes a trade of minimum 100$ woth crypto.

First, you press on top page on "Trade-Buy Crypto" and then on "Spot Trading":


Now, choose the asset you have and trade it. Enjoy!


In this way, you will have a total of 30 $ gathered from OKEX.

Other rewards:

You can reffer as many friends you want to signup to OKEX and buy 100$ woth crypto in the first 6 motnhs since joining and you both receive a 10$ reward. Also, this is my OKEX refferal for getting both 10$.

This is how you will have yours:

First, on top of the page, on the middle, press "More" and then "Refferals":


Now, you will be redirected to your own refferal link. Also, you can invite by email:


I hope it was an useful article.


I am here for any questions. Have a nice day!


Pragmatic style. Love Science Fiction, Sports, Music and Dance, Travel and Movies. Hit me with AMA and I will try to make a good solution.

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