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By dhenriquesf | Crypto Sailor | 10 Aug 2021


 I've been in the crypto world for a few months now and I started out with faucets, which generated a fairly good income while having online classes as a college student, and as you may know, while looking for good faucets you find a lot of faucets with huge minimum withdraw amount and an option that requires a lower amount but it has to be paid to FaucetPay.

   So what is FaucetPay and how does it work?
 FaucetPay is a micro wallet where you can receive payments from faucets without fees, it accepts various currencies from BTC and ETH to ZEC and USDT.
The first time I saw FaucetPay I created an account but quickly lost interest since they have high withdrawal fees for .nother wallet. A few weeks ago I thought that I should give FaucetPay another look since a lot of faucets are easier with a FaucetPay account.
After a few websites, I found out that you can convert any cryptocurrency to another paying a small fee, that's good because to pay almost no fees you have to withdraw your funds in ZEC since it has the lowest fee. So imagine that you have 1000 satoshi you would receive 0.00328546 ZEC and you would only have to pay 0.00000500 ZEC as a withdrawal fee, which you could send to Binance for example and convert it again to BTC.
FaucetPay also has an internal faucet with may be a good way to win some BTC since it has no minimum withdrawal amount, it also has an internal casino with dice, crash, and other games.



Here we have an example of the FaucetPay interface, as you can see its user friendly it is straight forward.


Please consider using my links to help

FreeBitcoin Register Link One of the oldest Bitcoin Faucets, has hourly spins, lottery, daily spins, and interest.

PipeFlare Register Link It's a faucet where you claim ZEC, Doge, and Flares every 23 hours directly to your personal wallet.

BetFury Register Link It's a crypto casino that has some free boxes with BNB and BTC that you can claim every 20 minutes.

GlobalHive Register Link It's a faucet where you can claim some ZEC and withdraw directly to your personal wallet every time you claim.

Horizen Register Link The official Horizen faucet lets you claim every 20 hours a small amount of zen directly to your personal wallet.

FaucetCrypto Register Link It's very known faucets and lets you withdraw smalls amounts I am able to withdraw every 2 days or so.

Womplay Register Link  Womplay lets you win coins for playing games, and every week you have a reward pool which you can then cash out.

Hi Dollars Register Link With Hi Dollars you can earn daily free crypto, just for answering  a simples question.

Cointiply Register LinkCointiply is one of the best faucets for beginners, you need 5$ do withdraw, which is fairly easy

Free Cash Register Link With Free Cash you can easily cashout your from with crypto, steam cards, amazon cards and much more options


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