'Faucet','Survey','Micro-Task': The Land of The Internet-Slaves

By ThePeasant | Crypto Safari | 4 Apr 2020

It doesnt take long before one stumbles upon the phenomena 'Faucet', 'Micro-Wallet', 'Beermoney', 'PTC', 'GPT' etc. It has been around for a long time, and when one sticks out his muzzle, he will quickly realize a strange climate, in the land of the internet-slaves. Seems like its caught in a arrested development, with no new waves, unappreciated time investment, and supression of creativity.

Some people may be blessed to live in a country with good working opportunitys, and economics standards. But that's not everybody, and some may be prone to such options.

People who doesnt master any skills, would have it hard to thrive with all the other options to work at home. But they are caught up, and this chain which needs to be broken. Ideally with new waves.

It's not just all the scams, and virus, manipulation of social-media with paid task, fake followers and such, but its also about the carpet bombing with ads. The brains rewards system has engraved some solid curves of which it continues to circulate in. Would people be rewarded with 1 Potato for every click, they proably wouldnt be so humble. Cryptocurrency is filled with broken dreams, and number illusions.

Help the man see potential, and value the effort. Break the chain, and dont support monkey buisness .


What is your thoughts on this? Have you ever tried a Faucet, or a Survey?

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