CoinpayU: Sleek and Fast, A great way to earn some satoshis - CoinpayU Review

CoinpayU: Sleek and Fast, A great way to earn some satoshis - CoinpayU Review

By jedryccc | Crypto Reviews! | 23 Jun 2020


If you're not familiar with them, Paid-to-click (PTC) sites are platforms where you can earn by viewing ads or advertise you own product or service. CoinpayU is one of the best PTC's out there with a very high earning rate from 4-26 satoshi per click and in just less than 3 weeks I made my first withdrawal of 10,000 satoshis.

Link to CoinpayU:


The site will be rated on the following aspects on a scale of 10:

  1. Ways to Earn - How much can you earn from using the site?
  2. Ease of Use - Includes the withdrawal minimum and the ease of tasks.
  3. Aesthetic - Is the Graphical User Interface intuitive and pleasing to the eyes.
  4. Other Factors - More points if the site has unique features, anything not in the other parameters.

Ways to Earn 8/10


The one way to earn in this site is to view ads. You can do surf ads, window ads and video ads. There are also offerwalls but you could totally rack up some sats just viewing ads. Compared to other PTC's, CoinpayU has a high rate and a surplus of ads and in a day you can earn from 300-1000 satoshis. There is also an option to be a partner where you get some percent boosts and discounts but it's completely optional. At the same time, you can advertise your own product or site easily.

There is also a referral program in which you earn 10 percent of your friend's earnings. A referral market also exists where you can buy and sell referrals. There is no faucet but you have the basics which is why the site gets an 8/10.

Ease of Use 9/10


The site is sleek and clean and everything you need is on the left. There aren't really any ads placed on the actual site which is a plus. In the dashboard you can easily withdraw, purchase some advertising balance or check your referral status. The withdrawal minimum is a bit steep but you can still achieve it without hassle. I was able to receive my withdrawal in a a two days.

Payment Proof



CoinpayU is a legitimate site to earn some satoshis viewing ads. As of writing, you can now withdraw to you FaucetPay account here but at the time I withdrew directly to my wallet.

Aesthetic 9/10

CoinpayU is plain but doesn't really need anymore design as a PTC. It has the essentials and it gives it in a package that's easy to navigate. It provides it without need to say more. The design says, simple. CoinpayU might look plain and boring but it still gives a decent amount of satoshis.

Other Factors 8/10

There is not much to make CoinpayU unique. It has the basics but it gives you a bit more earnings. A cool thing is that the site sometimes does a catch-a-cat promo where you can get 100 or 1000 satoshis which is pretty cool. You find a code in their twitter account and you have to type the code in the site. I've participated in two of them, both giving a hundred. Points added for the cool marketing campaign. The code reveals something like a new feature or addition to the site.


The Verdict 34/10

A solid site. I highly recommend it since you can earn a lot from it. It might have a high withdrawal minimum but I was able to reach it easily. CoinpayU is reliable with more than 50,000 weekly users and almost 100,000 successful payments.

Link to CoinpayU:

Thanks for reading my review on CoinpayU. Happy earnings!



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