Bull is here to stay

By Turtle_Girl | Crypto Resistance | 7 May 2019

Crypto is booming and it seems like bull would stay for awhile, i am excited about this year and i feel like Bitcoin won't see the long bearish trend that we all saw for more than a year.24 hours chart seems interesting , xmr and tron is up 4% ltc looks strong and xlm seems much better , ETH is up 10% wow what a beautiful chart.


Market bullish trend has attracted many whales even in fiat market people are talking about bitcoin and crypto, This would define the future of cryptocurrency , Many new startups are focusing on crypto as payment anyways enjoy trading and have a great day ahead

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Enthusiasm is my jewel , i am knowledge hungry and supportive

Crypto Resistance
Crypto Resistance

World is Changing now it's time to stand against the injustice of banking system that has led to the unfair distribution of wealth , Cryptocurrency can fight it's way to replace the banking system with crypto paradise.

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