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Can Crypto Falls To Zero.

By Amjadwaince | Crypto & metaverse | 13 Feb 2023


Lot of hot debates on different forums are going on that if Crypto falls to zero then what will happen to world economy or can Crypto Falls to Zero. Couple of days ago US Federal reserves governor Christopher walls was addressing in a summit " Digital money and Crypto puzzle". He warns the world by saying,

If you buy Crypto assets and price goes to zero at some point, please don't be surprised and don't expect taxpayer to socialize your loses.


It is true that last year's experience of losses are probably higher then previous years as lot of collapse like Terra Luna , FTX, Celcious and BlockFi shakes the roots of Crypto. Parallel by scams and frauds like Bitcoinica, MtGox , Bitfinex, Coincheck made difficult Crypto adoption progress. 

Although some stability happened by digital Dollar assets , CBDCs. But still high voitality, inflation, risk , uncertainty and hacks are hurdles in stamulation of Crypto. Ponzi schemes also putting their share in the negativity for crypto.

We know bulls are never friends and in Crypto Binance, coinbase and USDT can't be our friends untill not seen their own benifits through our pockets. Although Bitcoin with segwit and sidechains is leading in good command but other's loosing support as funding pockets sinking and collapsing.

Personal Thoughts.

Crypto will survive by any means and will play a vital role in world's economy in near future but those who trust in exchanges will suffer. Only who holding its private keys will be in safe zone and away from price manipulation. No doubt Crypto will be to Moon soon but anyone who not did his job to protect his assets will regret. 





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Crypto & metaverse
Crypto & metaverse

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