Is your future self still hodling?

How To Receive an Email from Your Future Self (Were your predictions right?)


"The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It"


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Here are the sections of this post so you can easily navigate to what is most relevant to you:

1- Why should you write a letter to the future?

2- Why Futureme is the best solution?

3- What questions to ask your future self?

4- Futureme and cryptocurrency investments?

5- Testimonials and Reviews?

6- Conclusion


1- Why should you write a letter to the future?


Life can get noisy sometimes and it's easy to get sidetracked or forgetful about your future plans. As we grow older we tend to change and not be aware of what changed, we also tend to forget or regret many things and the worst part is to repeat mistakes we've made in the past. Writing a letter to your future self will enable you to question yourself and be aware of the directions you're taking through self-reflection and transcend to a better version. Writing and receiving a letter from your future self is an emotional experience that could make you cry, laugh, or even both and it serves as therapy in most cases. By doing this, you will be reminded of the most important things you've set for yourself and keep track of the progress.


2- Why Futureme is the best solution?


Futureme is a website founded in 2002 which enables you to send emails to your future self at a date that you specify and could be 50 years from now. Futureme has been around for almost two decades now and still expected to exist 50 years from now so you don't have to worry about not receiving your future emails. You might be wondering, what if my main email was lost and I cannot access it how would I check my future emails? Fortunately, Futureme gives you the option to change the receiving email at any time you want. The service is totally free and you can send unlimited letters in the future. You can also send future letters to other people which is even more interesting. 

It's easy to use the website and write your letters (Check this demo video):


3- What questions to ask your future self?


- Am it taking care of my mental and physical health?

- What am I spending most of my time on and is it worth it?

- Am I satisfied with the life I am leading now?

- Did I change my priorities?

- Did I achieve my goals, who helped me, and did I thank them?

- What mistakes and lessons I will always remember?


4- Futureme and Cryptocurrency Investments


You can use Futureme to make predictions about cryptocurrency projects and see how they play out in the future, I personally wrote an email to my future self which includes why I am optimistic about some coins I am holding and why I bought them in the first place, I also did some price predictions and how much I will be taking out and keeping if my predictions are right. I am more interested in how I pick projects more than the outcome of the investments because that way I can reflect on my thinking and how it changed in 6 months' time.


5- Testimonials and Reviews


"I know this seems like a very simple concept, but I really love the idea of sending letters to your future self! Special thanks to the creator of this website for keeping this running for almost two decades! Hopefully, this keeps going for many many more decades! So excited to receive those letters in the future!"

"Honestly love you guys, you've saved my life and $10 is a small fee to pay for monthly therapy sessions with myself!"

"I have been sending my future self letters (to arrive 5 years later) every two months since 2004. It is an amazing experience to see my previous worlds. Some seem little changed and others are almost like alternate realities. Your efforts to keep this going are wonderful to me. Especially as our newest reality is changing the way all of us will be from now on."

"I came across this website at just the right time and moment. When I needed an outlet to let all the feelings and emotions out. There are days when I feel like I wanna write something to my future self or just give myself advice or warnings, just randomly setting a date to receive it and that's where the magic happens. It was like, I received the letter at the time I needed the most. Like my past self having this gut feeling that I might need to hear these words in the future. Thank you FutureMe! - R"

"I just love this idea/platform. Thank you to the creative minds who brought it forth! - A"

"I just wanted to say thank you for everything! this website has changed my life! Thank you so much, and keep going forever! - H"


6- Conclusion


The concept of sending letters to the future and being able to receive them at a specific time is really fascinating, For me, I consider it as a time portal. I am sure you might think the idea is somehow silly but once you know how to properly deploy it you will be amazed, Futureme is not the only website out there (by the way and I am not trying to promote it here, I am simply a user of this website and sharing it with you).

Feel free to comment and share your opinion about this.


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