The necessity of Crypto Freelance Site - alternative to Upwork - particular example

Hello, my crypto blog readers.

About the necessity of Crypto Freelance Site (an alternative to Upwork), I wrote a while before, but now it's time to remind you about it again and to show on particular personal example.

As a crypto-entrepreneur I think it's a good idea to have crypto-alternatives for many existing services, and with my ideas, I tried to apply for funding in different crypto DAOs and crypto funding mechanisms.

The crypto work site for freelancers, agencies, and businesses is a simple idea. Well, it starts simple, as it needs to have some minimal features such as good design, and a minimal amount of users (both employers and employees) and it can start to receive income by taking a small % of the deals or just by displaying advertisement.

Cryptocurrencies need to bring more freedom and smaller fees, right? Let's take a look on particular example of how being digital it's so expensive to use an existing site such as Upwork.

On Upwork, I found a job for a "Blockchain Copywriter" and wrote a small article that had a price of $25. That's not bad considering that I spent half an hour (or actually I probably spent more but I could do it in 30 minutes such task, so $50 hourly rate is not bad)

But what's then - Upwork takes 20% commission and I received only $20 and not instantly - but in 5 days.

Then, in order to withdraw them - I had to pay almost $5 more (Upwork fee + Payoneer fee) so as you see in the image I had only $15.60 on my monobank dollar card. You can say that I could wait until I have more on my account so I would have to pay fewer fees. I did so in past, but this time I needed money urgently

That's not all my loss, I had to move funds to my Hryvnya card (where I need to cover bank loan) so I had to convert it with a bad "official rate" which is 36.65 UAH per 1$ (and the market rate is about 40).

So in fact from $25 I got around $14 of funds which I could use.

And cryptocurrencies can offer both Smaller Fees and Speed.

This is the opportunity and I hope such a service will be established.

In past, I checked some of the similar sites, but not so much going on there now.

Bringing supply and demand of online jobs will be a challenge for new sites, but I think such a challenge is solvable and anyway, the amount of different online work only will increase in time.

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