StiffMoney - Do a good DEED Staking + earn 10% APY - Binance Hackathon: The Future Is Now

StiffMoney - Do a good DEED Staking + earn 10% APY - Binance Hackathon: The Future Is Now

With Ethereum transaction fees being crazy high, many projects are looking for alternatives for building dApps to save users on gas fees. Binance Smart Chain seems to be one of the easiest alternatives, as everything possible on Ethereum blockchain can be easily deployed on BSC. 

In Addition, there are some opportunities that Binance provides for developers, i.e. Binance introduced a $100M Support Fund for DeFi Projects on Binance Smart Chain and to further encourage the development of the dApp ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain, they have committed $5 million USD worth of BNB to pay gas fees to the newly-launched Binance Smart Chain BUIDL Reward Program. This program seeks to reward developers who deploy usable dApps onto Binance Smart Chain. This is part of their bigger $100 million commitment to a DeFi accelerator fund that seeks to bridge DeFi and centralized finance (CeFi) solutions, therefore promoting greater freedom of money to everyone.

Also just recently there was the Binance Hackathon: The Future Is Now where 152 projects have entered in and Judging is taking place Feb 22 - Feb 28 with winners announced March 1st, 2021.

With Blockchain Laboratories, a venture studio, we started to create dApps that have triple bottom line ROI entered the hackathon pitching Stiff Money

Stiff Money’s concept is to give people the opportunity to earn a double digit interest providing liquidity to helping others to become homeowners. 


How Stiff Money Works

Get a good APY being a liquidity provider who is helping others become homeowners. 



Depositors earn 10% APY in DEED on funds they deposit into Stiff.Money and maintain original deposited assets. A person holding DEED Tokens can be assured of a stable $1USD value of the token because funds it represents are held in income-producing real estate that is also worth more than the value of then the total circulating supply of DEED. 

Stiff Money will use the Profits from real estate and lease payments to buy DEED back at $1 or possibly more depending on profits from selling real estate. DEED will also be swappable on DEXs for whatever the market is willing to exchange for them.

Stiff.Money’s 10% APY offers Depositors on average 100X better ROI on deposited funds when compared to AVG savings account at a bank which is around .01%. And providing liquidity on Stiff Money has societal benefits since depositors are opening up homeownership to more people.

And as an added benefit Stiff.Money helps Homebuyers by providing low documentation and no-down-payment opportunity to become a Homeowner. Our Lease-to-Own Smart Contracts allow people to work towards home ownership with a monthly payment structure based on current income and rental payment history. Once in a home, the Homebuyer can build equity in the property and work towards refinancing with a lower interest mortgage with a long-term lender.


Stiff Money’s Development Fund (BNB DEED swap) 

Stiff Money Governing Token

$DEED tokens vote on where to buy real estate for re-selling.

To acquire $DEED tokens initially people can swap $BNB at using a smart contract with zero fees until the $5m Liquidity Pool cap is reached. $DEED tokens in circulation represent a $1 equivalent of $BNB swapped. DEED tokens are governing tokens for Stiff Money, they are built on BEP20 standards on Binance Smart Chain. Those with $DEED staked on Stiff Money’s smart contract can vote on regions to acquire single-family homes that are then resold on leased-to-own smart contracts to homebuyers. They can be staked into the Stiff Money smart contract staking pool and earn 10% APY.

Swapping BNB for DEED is a way to support the development of the platform, and earn LP rewards. Unlike providing liquidity by being a Depositor at Stiff Money and maintaining your deposited assets and earning DEED on the value of the liquidity you are providing, when you swap BNB for DEED you are getting the equivalent $USD dollar value in DEED, so if you swap $1000 worth of BNB you will get 1000 DEED tokens right away. 



Initial market cap. $10,000,000 (10,000,000 $DEED) 

-Stable model. 1 $DEED in circulation equals $1+ liquidity and/or real estate value
-Circulation. 10% increase in number of tokens each year based on #staked
-Fair launch. No pre-mine or team/advisors starting with any token balances
-Zero Fees: No transaction cost or gas fees for staking or swapping DEED

Governing Token Distribution

$5,000,000 worth of $BNB can be swapped at a 1 $DEED to $1.00 worth of $BNB exchange rate. Staking $DEED provides 10% APY based on the number of $DEED staked.

-50% of $DEED available for $BNB swap
-50% of $DEED available for Staking Rewards

Stiff Money has a model to use profits from the re-selling of real estate to buy back $DEED to keep a stable balance between staked $DEED and $DEED held for LP rewards, and maintain a $1 or greater per $DEED collateralization.

Governing Token Framework

$DEED token holders will be able to easily participate in shaping the decisions on where Stiff Money purchases single family homes by voting on platform, their number votes will be based on DEED tokens staked. Each $DEED token STAKED is counted as 1 vote.

Anyone with 100+ $DEED tokens staked can nominate any place in the world to be considered as a place to invest.

All proposals on where to invest are subject to a 60 day voting period, and any address with 1 voting power can vote for or against the proposal. If a majority of votes are YES for the proposed region, it is added to the queue, and properties with profit potential will be searched for in that region.

Voting: All voting is done on with zero gas cost(no transaction fees).

Quorum: At Least 51% of the total amount of $DEED staked needs to vote on a proposal for it to be valid, or else it will fail automatically. Also, at least 51% of the votes for it must be YES for it to pass.



Stiff Money’s Future

DeFi and Asset management areas will continue their growth in 2021 and we think that such projects as Stiff Money will benefit both the blockchain and crypto industry in addition to society as a whole. 

Please visit Stiff Money to learn more about doing a good DEED staking and earning a 10% APY!


If you don’t have Binance account yet, with this special partner link, you can get -20% trading fees. And, of course, an additional -25% if you use BNB


Student of cryptocurrencies and economics. Recently interested the most in Cardano and hope to add even minor value to the process of building future's financial system

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