Status crypto messenger - Interview with Eduardo Erlo, Marketing Manager at Status

Questions we've discussed (Timestamps on Youtube):

00:40 Tell about yourself, your background and how did you join the crypto industry ans Status? 

01:28 Status is not only a crypto messenger, browser, and wallet but also a whole ecosystem. Could you please tell about additional parts of the ecosystem which are not so visible for average users 

04:00 What do you think are the biggest obstacles for the Status adoption among the wider audiences?

06:18 What are your favorite dapps? Which you can recommend? 

7:37 SNT is Status Network Token, but because it's ERC-20 it's hard to use it now because of high transaction fees on Ethereum. How to overcome this problem? Maybe it's possible to create a non-Ethereum token, i.e. on Cardano blockchain or Algorand, or Near, Harmony, Secret Network, or any other? 

09:48 Status has interesting Ambassador program. Could you please tell me more about it program and how to join it. 

12:03 What are the main areas of research and development for Status? 

12:57 Could you please tell more about Status DAO? 

15:44 Where do you think crypto industry is moving? What are trends and interesting events for 2022?


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Student of cryptocurrencies and economics. Interested in Cardano, Algorand, Terra, BCH, Mina, Near, Hive, Steemit and many other interesting blockchains and projects

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