Status crypto messenger gave me ENS tokens!

It's been already years since I uses Status crypto messenger (I wrote about it several times and had interviews with team members). To be honest I don't use it so much as still most of my contacts prefer Telegram and other ways of communication. But I'm using Status not only as messenger but Ethereum Wallet and Web3 browser.

Long time ago I registered myself a domain name: cryptotexty.stateofus.eth

That time I paid 10 SNT for this and Ethereum transaction waz very cheap, as it was probably year 2020.

Since then I didn't actually do there anything and when ENS airdrop was announced I didn't even think I would be eligible for this. But just recently thanks to Status team I discovered that I am eligible.

And that's so great to receive unexpected crypto income! As you can see on the screenshot, I got more than 19 ENS tokens which was around $300

The claiming process is super easy. So if you registered a stateofus.eth name in the Status app before October 31, 2021, then you can also collect ENS as part of this voluntary redistribution.

Check if you’re eligible and collect ENS tokens at Better to open it just from your Status browser and there you can claim. Don't forget that you will need som ETH for transaction fee to claim tokens.

You can collect your tokens during the next 3 months, between Tuesday July 5th 15:00 UTC and Oct 5th 15:00 UTC.

I know that some of my friends and readers had such domains - so don't forget to get your tokens and if you were not aware about this airdrop before - I hope my publication will be a nice surprise for you.

If you have more questions, here is a link to Status blog post, and there is a video guide explaining how to claim tokens

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