Status crypto messenger: $3 in crypto giveaway for the new users

I already wrote about Status messenger and its ecosystem. It's great to see the project is actively developing and it's good to be a small part of it, as a user and as an Ambassador.

Now, for the second time, each Ambassador received again 15 invitations, which will provide bonuses for new users - $1.5 in ETH and $1.5 in SNT (55 SNT). Of course due to volatility, this value in $ might fluctuate.

The promo works only for the phones on Android. Of course, you can install Status on iOS and laptop, and start using it. I encourage you to do it, but due to technical aspect, you won't receive this bonus.

So detailed guide:

  1. Use this link

    Feel free to share it with your friends. But remember there are only 15 invitations, don't be surprised or angry if somebody used the link faster.

    However last time it took more than a day for all 15 invitations to be used.

  2. Click "Open in Status" and download the app

  3. Click "generate keys" and then select one of the 5 names which are proposed to you

  4. Select to keep backup on "this device" (As I don't think you have keycard)

  5. Choose a password. It shouldn't be necessarily something complicated, as it's additional protection for the case if somebody get control over your phone

  6. Then inside the chat, you will see "Goodnatured Chief Virginiaopossum" - (that's my name there) and there is information that Status is sending your ETH and SNT - click ACCEPT

Soon (Ethereum transaction takes some time) you will see your balance in the Wallet section. You can use SNT to buy custom name (like I got "cryptotexty") and other things. You can also use the browser in another section of Status.

As you know "Goodnatured Chief Virginiaopossum" is me (as well as @ cryptotexty) - so feel free to drop me a message, and let me know where you saw this info (as I'm sharing this on several crypto blogs)

And lets' communicate in Status!

Crypto-adoption is still moving slowly. Many of the people whom I know still sticks to TVWM (Telegram, Viber, What's up, Messenger from Facebook). And I want to change it. Let's change it together! Please share this information with your friends!

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