Everstake’s Contribution to the Drift Racing, Supporting the Talents

I'm staking Cardano with Everstake and also small amounts of Terra, Tezos, Cosmos and also I decided occasionally to republish interesting articles from Everstake Medium.

The Grand event of this summer has happened — the United Drift Challenge (UDC 2021). The organizer of the thrilling and the most adrenaline event is the Ukrainian Drift Federation (UDF).

UDC 2021 is the prominent list of Ukrainian and foreign pilots who guarantee that the drift on the race track Chaika will take your breath and blow your mind.

The race track Chaika is the international and familiar track for drift fans in Ukraine and fans worldwide. It’s quite challenging and dangerous, and it never forgives the mistakes. This is what makes it so unique.

The show won’t leave you indifferent to sports car racing. Drifting — it’s not only about the professional race drivers but also about the amateurs and newcomers for whom this event can become a huge jump that will make it possible to open the next level of professionalism.

The best race drivers participated, including participants from Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Latvia, Ireland, Lithuania, etc.

Everstake couldn’t stand aside from such a great event. Our team was represented by two highly-qualified pilots, Conor Shanahan and Yaroslav Tresh. Feel their excitement and expectations on the race.

Conor Shanahan:

“This weekend I will be travelling to Ukraine to drive this incredible 3.4 2JZ S15 at @ukrainiandrift massive thanks to them for the opportunity and to @redbullua working hard with @redbullire making it possible excited for this one 950hp and my first time driving left-hand drive should be good. credit to @whoismiller for the event and the invitation and also to @yarko_tresh will be a good time guys 😊


Yaroslav Tresh:

“Wanna go for a qualifying run with me? This was my first attempt, which gave the most result. Second was waaay more bonkers than the first one, but yeah, third place in the end, and I’m still getting used to Supra — happy it gets more familiar!

On to the main @ukrainiandrift day!”

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