Creating crypto-backups for your videos

Many of us (crypto-enthusiasts in the broad meaning) don't like facebook, google, youtube (which is owned by google). Moreover, there were cases when some crypto-youtubers were banned there, people lost funds and their audiences.

That's one of the reasons why I decided to create several backups for my videos from Cryptotexty channel ( feel free to subscribe, by the way)

Another reason is that I don't have much free space on my laptop, so I delete all the videos after uploading them. Yes, I know it's better to have external HD drive and I will get is some day for video backups and other files. But it's the second reason why it's good to have other places to keep your videos. So in the worst case if your youtube account is deleted or compromised - you have another way to get your video.

So after small research I focused on these 3 sites: LBRY, Dtube, 3Speak


Site where you can get rewards for watching other videos, inviting users, etc. There is enough interesting crypto-related content.

Link to my channel:


2) Dtube

It used to be Steemit-based service, and to be honest, it worked not so well. Now I see they have their own tokens and you can connect your Steemit and Hive account.

Link to my channel:!/c/cryptotexty18

3) 3Speak

3Speak is Hive-based service. After uploading videos, I even got some upvotes, maybe because I already had some followers on that Hive account.

Link to my channel:


On all 3 sites, I have few new views. But I will upload there all new videos, and will also find some time to upload older youtube videos.

All of the sites I'm planning to use, even if they are now far from replacing youtube, who knows what will be in the future.

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Student of cryptocurrencies and economics. Interested in Cardano, Algorand, Terra, BCH, Mina, Near, Hive, Steemit and many other interesting blockchains and projects

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Crypto Projects Information

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