Consensus is the only way: why you should attend a conference with Everstake

Founded by a hardcore software developer Sergii Vasylchuk, Everstake comprises a team of prominent engineers who, like cryptocurrency pioneers once did, noticed that the current financial systems are quite limited (and limiting, if not draconian) in terms of the functionality they offer.

Everstake’s team decided that the only way to get into a better life is to be the change they want to see in the world and build financial systems that empower people and allow them to earn their own money and be completely financially free.



Everstake’s team’s passion and dedication allowed them to over time build a vast conglomerate that provides the functionality for institutional crypto investors and regular token holders to get stable passive income from their crypto assets that is safe, superior to other systems currently in operation today, and provides substantially higher yields.

“Banks try to limit people who don’t know much about finance. All the restrictions that banks impose I call banking terrorism”.

Sergii Vasylchuk

What Everstake does

Here are just some of the things Everstake does in order to continue bringing Satoshi’s legacy to the people

  • Designing blockchain-based software from Telegram bots to corporate blockchains

  • Creating services that allow monitoring and analysing blockchains (like Oasis Monitor)

  • Taking part in testing of blockchain networks and making them more secure

  • Funding and supporting promising new projects like Elrond and FIO Protocol

  • Maintaining highly safe and secure PoS nodes that create value for users and allow them to earn unquestionably higher rewards than at banks

  • Remaining a reliable staking validator with outstanding uptime providing users with unrivalled experience:

“We create a solution to make staking convenient and profitable, and also take care of the safety of token holders who have joined us. Thanks to our qualities, we managed to build a whole infrastructure and provide delegates with the best staking conditions.” (right-click, “translate to English”).

What enables Everstake to say they’re the best?

“The best” may sound abstract and self-fuelled, but facts are stubborn. Here are small selections of statistics that allow Everstake to remain in the lead:

Our values

✔ Help people escape the vice-like grip of the global banking cartel

✔ Support the emerging next-generation blockchains that will increase crypto adoption

✔ Implement more efficient (next-gen) technologies like PoS

✔ Lower the tech-savviness entry threshold for people who don’t know how to set up a node, maintain it, and optimise it, and so on but want to take part

✔ Help the ecosystem become more sustainable with staking

✔ Keep the cause alive, rather than just make money:

“Staking is the way to support blockchain. If no one runs the nodes, blockchain won’t exist. As far as I’m concerned, the most important thing is to be a part of the blockchain. It’s also different from mining pools where your incentive is purely speculative <because here you’re helping the blockchain go on and also have a hand in governance>”.

So, in the spirit of the original blockchain, there is a noble cause here: it’s about bringing power to the people, not extracting revenue.

The upcoming conference

Everstake is proud to be able to learn from the most prominent experts in the industry and to spread awareness of how important the mission of crypto is to the world at conferences like the massive 4-days Consensus conference where we will be speaking (here).

If you’ve ever been to events like The Malta Blockchain Summit you know experiences like that are simply unforgettable. If you’re even remotely interested in crypto (and even if not), you can always catch a whiff of the irresistible magic of crypto with us at an event like this.

Here not only crypto soulmates attend who you can learn endlessly interesting information from but also you’ll encounter speakers like Ray Dalio, take part in Live Networking and exploration sessions, massively expand your exposure, learn the latest and most impactful news, and much, much more.

Join the Just Cause! History so far is showing us this could very well be the best decision you will have ever made.

Contact details

email: [email protected]

To get more information about Everstake - join:







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