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Readers and Viewers can earn!



1. Publish0x


Publish0x is a Crypto agnostic platform where both authors and readers earn in Crypto most especially on ERC20(Ethereum blockchain).

Publish 0x! Are "crypto powered blogging platform", they're not the first but their community are keeps growing and growing. This would be one of the best social media soon.

This project has "NO ICO"

Publish0x has no ICO and their platform is similar to medium or steemit and uptrennd, where both author and readers can earn.

How does it work? You can by giving a tip and you can choose how much to allocate to the author and how much you keep.

One of the good thing is both readers and authors can tip each other.

Anyone can be a Publish0x Ambassador and earn crypto by sharing great articles to people who love to read them!
You can earn 5% of every tip claimed by the audience you bring in and you can get rewarded for sharing great content from Publish0x.

Sign up here: Ambassador Program signup

Publish0x Are Crypto AgnosticOther "crypto blogging" platforms are powered by their own token only, and claim to be decentralized when really the balance of power lies with the founders and the biggest holders of their own token. First they have only 1 and that is BNTY - Bounty0x token now they have Project Hydro, DAI Stablecoin and BAT(Basic Attention Token) but they will adding more ETH-erc20 in the future updates.

You can check it here (

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2. Uptrennd

Uptrennd is one of the top ERA of Social media because you get paid to post, comment and share.

This is built for the people, over 80% of all advertising profits are paid to the members of Uptrennd and they have sharing economy as well.
You can do repost and do chats with Uptrennd friends and communities. You can boost your articles in exchange for your points. This social media website where every upvote earns you tokens.

Every upvote is cost for 5 cents and if there's an upvote community can do downvote. That's the balance of the ecosystem and it's community-driven like decentralized.

You can post a High-Quality Content and you can upvotes boost posts to higer rank.

Please post your articles with the best and most relevant, content displayed.

Free Speech & Your Personal Data Security

Uptrennd empowers the freedom of speech. Yes! The same with publish they will keep your information private with no Biased content.

Their mission is to have every user be able to create financial abundance through engaging on social media.

Uptrennd is a platform design to empower the people and no selling or leaks of information.

For more info please visit this link:

Take note as per admin they have plagiarism detector.

Sign up here:  UPTRENND


3. Tokentuber


Tokentuber is a third party content from original content creators on Youtube, which most of the topics are blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. The same with the above websites their mission is to have a mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Tokentuber is educating people through video streaming.  It’s formed an alliance with a growing number of cryptocurrency exchanges to integrate a quiz that pays users to demonstrate their knowledge of digital assets and to be duly rewarded with tokens and a certificate of achievement.

You can upload your own videos on this website. example introducing your projects, how your projects work, tokenization and more.

At the beginning of the site, there are 10 question quiz that can win up to 1,000 Tuber tokens. But its a quite challenging since tokens will be deducted for each incorrect answer and participation in the quiz can also win up to $10,000.

Signup here for more info: (TOKENTUBER WEBSITE)









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