Tips on how to Build Communities in Telegram

By Crypto Beeporter! | CRYPTO PROJECT | 11 Apr 2020

Tips on how to Build Communities in Telegram


In cryptocurrency and blockchain space, Telegram is the no. 1 and common source of information of the crypto project. If you're running an ICO, IPO, IEO etc. you must have a telegram groups to discuss your projects with your members as most of the crypto enthusiasts are on telegram.

1. Value is really important

You should share useful information to your members and provide some values. Create some useful information such infographics, images, content articles, GIFs, etc. that is useful to engage people. By creating infographics it helps to cover some heavy topics in an enjoyable way. It also helps increase memorability of the information. Helping people will create long term value.

2. Don't buy Fake members/Dummy accounts

If you recognize some of their names are "DELETED" they're actually bots or fake accounts. This is common happening on telegram communities that must be change. It is better to have small amount of members who actually believe and support your project rather than thousands of fake members.

3. Make them feel that they are at home

Building a personal relationship will create trust to your members. It is better to know members who they are, where they come from. It's a common question to your members, but it builds trust and feel connected between admins and members.

4. Replying Fast, but think first

One of the rules is don't make your members wait for your replies, reply to them as soon as possible if they have some queries or any topics that they would like to discuss with. Be sure to review your messages before sending your reply to them.

5. Ask for Feedback

Aside of sending some details, updates or any topics you have tackled on your groups, don't ever think that asking them for any feedback is shameful. Asking feedback or any opinions from others will give you insights about what is working, more appealing and if you are missing some points. This will help you to improve and your members will feel like you value their feedback/opinions or suggestions.

6. Be Transparent

For you to be a good leader, you need to be transparent. Always remember that they put their trust in you. They are your members, you need to provide clear details. For example, tell your Community how and where you will use your raise funds so that your members can have some better insights about the project.

7. Do Daily Quiz

Providing a daily quiz is a big impact to the group. This will improve your communication skills with your members as well as your engagement to them. You have the chance to see who's interested on your project and who also understands it.

8. Reward Old Members

Don't forget to acknowledge and be thankful enough for those members who stays with you and for those who caught their interest on your project and continuously support you. You may reward your old members as a sign of appreciation, showing their loyalty towards to your project. The old members will help you to guide new people about your project. A small reward won't hurt.


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