So tired of losing money? Our Trading Guide Episode 2

By Crypto Beeporter! | CRYPTO PROJECT | 2 Oct 2019

So tired of losing money? Our Trading Guide Episode 2


Hello and welcome to the second episode of our trading guide. Hope you have a great day today the same as mine. So let's do this!


The trading guide is all about Lossing everything and pain.


In trading and markets, always remember pain is your teacher. Pain is a common emotion when you lose everything.

So what does it feel like to lose everything? 

Lossing everything is the worst-case scenario in trading markets and must avoid it! 

Losing everything you deposited in a trading account is more common than most people believe. 

It’s actually part of the ecosystem for most traders, especially at the beginning of their trading journey, before they find their bearings and a trading method they can rely on.

We always heard those highs and lows from the markets. But you have to master the art of the financial markets. Always focus! and step aside from your extra curriculum activities.

Because for me Success in trading is always important and must be proud of It was probably a thing that drove me on more than anything else indeed. 

Whether you're lack of discipline, don’t have a trading diary, books, coaches and/or plan, or when their emotions get the best of them?

traders lose their deposits and even more if they get a margin call.

But no worries all of this dark side there's a bright side after that. The same with the rainbow. There's always a rainbow after the rain. 

But don't expect too much and you must accept it.

Accept the loss of your trading account, accept defeat and followed the most basic principles of trading. Always remember: invest money that you could afford to lose.

not an amount that can impact your lifestyle.

So that’s why this is only a defeat in a single battle, not the overall “war” between you and the market. 

Negativity will try to overtake you, to make you doubt yourself and your trading ability but like almost every complex task that we take up!

we have to go through until to reach the other side with a good path and a better version of ourselves!


That's all!  Stay Tuned to our next paragraph episode 3.

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