How to make more money from your Crypto YouTube videos.

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Hi guys! I just want to share this one of the best platforms I have.

Did you ever heard about TokenTuber???!!!
If not, you must know about it, why? there's lots of opportunities waiting for you on this platform.

You could check their - Whitepaper

We know that YouTube is a money-making platform and anyone is welcome to become a YouTuber or Youtube Vlogger. But you can't earn extra crypto token. What If I told you that if you upload your crypto-related videos to Tokentuber you will earn an additional amount $$$. Yes, That's right! 
The video creator earns 1/3 of the total value of the video. So,  I suggest that this would be the best smart move to earn extra income with Youtube.




Yes, you can earn TUBER if you upload your crypto/blockchain-related videos from youtube to Tokentuber!



Calling all blockchain/Crypto video creator who wants to make money on TokenTuber!!!

But before that, we created a simple steps to start your Youtube Channel!

Here are the steps you need to start a Youtube channel so that you can connect your youtube account to tokentuber.

1. Start with the basics 

The first thing you need to do is to create a business channel, it's effortless to make, even kids can manage it.
With just a couple of clicks, you’ll be ready to dive into setting up your new channel.

• Sign in your YouTube account, click the user icon at the right top of the screen

• Go to your account YouTube's setting by clicking the gear icon.

• Click on Create a new channel

You can check this video (Support Youtube)

• Then choose “Use a business or other name” 

You can put alias instead of your full name (example: Mr.Crypto-TokenTuber)


• Add your Brand name and click create

You can put Brand Name like (Your name + TokenTuber)


2. Fill the necessary piece


This is the first thing you'll see after you created your channel; edit your profile and channel description. This time, you're going to describe your brand and what are the viewers expect on your channel.

Since you want to become a famous Tokentuber Crypto Video Blogger you must post only crypto-related videos!

You can also insert the links of your website and other social media networks that you use. 

For example, Your brand is all about cryptocurrency, then your video that will be uploaded contents how the cryptocurrency work,
benefit on using it, every day's news regarding crypto-world, etc.

( Insert the links of your website and other social media platforms ) 

3. Design your Channel

Your viewer will visit your YouTube Channel, they'll be greeted with a larger banner displaying your channel name.
It shows your cover photo and the key to introduce your brand. Since you're a big fan of Tokentuber you can use their Logo's so that people will know you.


(You can use this logo)

Uploading cover photo has an exact measurement recommend by YouTube. It should be 2560 x 1440 pixels
with a max. life-size of 4mb. Design your cover according to your choice, it could be simple or extravagant but the focal point is your brand since it will be the viewer's first impression.


4. Analyze your audience in the market.

You created this YouTube Channel for business purposes to get more traffic, followers, audiences, etc. For example, if you have lots of followers from TokenTuber community additional to your Youtube Channel you can get doubled viewers instantly.

Choose a variety on your content that can connect with your viewers!

You can do crypto video tutorials or Filming a customer testimonials or experience about blockchain or crypto.
Anyway, you can do both! 

The bottom line is to connect with your viewers.  the more you attract viewers and future customers to look for the business services.

5. Upload your first video with an exciting introduction


Before uploading your first video on your YouTube Channel, you must create a short, simple and sweet trailer to welcome your new viewers. 
Let your viewers know about you (Example how do you find tokentuber or why tokentuber helps you a lot). Some of Cryptovloggers use cool intro video photos.



Congratulations now you already have your own Youtube Channel you can now connect your youtube channel to Tokentuber. 

Sign up and log in to tokentuber and click the right upper side of the platform.

Signup here: (TokenTuber)



Copy the video URL from Youtube and pasted it on TokenTuber. After you upload your videos click the next button and submit the videos.

There you go, people will rate your videos, if they will like or dislike depending on them.

Hope you Enjoy happy earnings!

For more information, you can visit their website below.


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