Claiming Crypto Videoes to receive rewards Tokens? Check this out!

Claiming Crypto Videoes to receive rewards Tokens? Check this out!

By Crypto Beeporter! | CRYPTO PROJECT | 6 Nov 2019


This guide will teach you on how to Claim a Videos on TokenTuber.


But before I drive you to this awesome opportunity you have to create/signup your account first. Here --> TokenTuber login

Step1: Go to video page on TokenTuber by clicking on video thumbnail.


Takenote: If you already finished upload your videos this is your next step, but if you don't know how to upload your Youtube videos to TokenTuber you can Check it here for tutorial.

Step 2: Click on 'Claim This Video' button on the bottom right corner of the video.



Step 3: Once you click you will be asked to log in with your same google account that upload the video.


Login with your google account or you can use another account as well.


Please click allow bottom.

Step 4: If accounts match your video will be claimed and you will start receiving tokens from that video.


Based on the photos you can see the green logo above on your videos shows that you successfully claimed.

Now you can start earning! 


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Crypto Beeporter!
Crypto Beeporter!

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