Bitcoin Price Predication : BTC/USDT - Confirming "Cup and Handle Pattern"
Bitcoin Price Predication : BTC/USDT - Confirming "Cup and Handle Pattern"

By Crypto Beeporter! | CRYPTO PROJECT | 18 Jan 2020

On this day we chart bitcoin with confirming cup and handle pattern, with good support of the price $8000. This is a strong spotted chart as you can see On 2018 the lowest price reach below $3.2k and the highest peak is $13900 almost x4 of the price on the half of 2019 and the lowest price of 2019 is $6.4k to $6.5k on December 2019 but now we're going to 2020 with trying to reach and break the $9,000 price of BTC.


Please take a look my chart here ->



BUY - (At the handle)

SELL: (Don't sell until up until the halving)

STOP LOSS: (depends on you)


Remember TECHNICAL ANALYSIS is all about probabilities and based on previous market performance(not all about certainty)

Disclaimer: This is for educational purposes,it is not intended as a financial advice.

The analyst won't be responsible for a loss of fund. Trader should be able to manage risk.

Crypto Beeporter!
Crypto Beeporter!

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