Basecoin is now listed to Brazilian FCexchange! Let's bring it on!

Basecoin is now listed to Brazilian FCexchange! Let's bring it on!

By Crypto Beeporter! | CRYPTO PROJECT | 31 Jan 2020


New Listing Update: The $Basecoin(BAB) market is open and trading will begin shortly on FCexchange!

It is a Brazilian exchange and we will be operating in pairs (Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Sperocoin)

As we are also listed on NanuExchange, McAfeeDex, Switch, LogicDex and More exchanges to come soon!

What is Basecoin? 

Basecoin is a decentralized erc20 token, provides and supports daily sustainability to our merchants. This is designed by one of the best developers in Brazil for users' daily cases.

Basecoin created to have an alternative means of payments through digital currency and with the help of blockchain technology, We will provide solutions to payment in physical (peer to peer), wholesale and retail. Also, for bank slips, vouchers, telephone bills and other types of services.

Join us on our social media platforms as we will giving some bonuses and prizes soon!


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