By irock | Crypto-Pressure | 13 Dec 2020

Turned beast acting weird everything look shattered like am being stupid to the act wondered if am compelled to do certain things, this İ had wasn't mine these feeling sometimes felt borrowed İ wanted to live like this but the feeling of losing felt rear and far of my imagination,looked at me mischievously and said these word "things wouldn't have been this bad he added the government never listens to her people the necessary fast turned the neglect and optional" nevertheless I assumed we gave no heed for the light we wanted and couldn't transform that to blessing we still beg for a least of that, am down to it am not a crime.

so many within and around in search of authority to prevail with devious act it sounds funny to listen at young lad insisting for legacy less created by there own hands instead we were given benevolent granted forth to establish that in our thought placed in midst of your kind considered loved ones its enough right now no love needed from the outside you find some how to give love back stay alert snakes also are found in the room it crawls you should know it gonna climb don't be surprised it's the life we live.

No definition of pain without experience orating things you never experienced, deafened ears to lies explained felt weak for my consumption seen and heard never felt any of that still incompetent explaining to there satisfaction truth be told we are different monsters bond in chain of being human expressing different forms of humanity, encountered baffling sight of impaired creation depending on foes for the assist still some resist to acknowledge the goal and aim to create befitting world in pursuit to resist to hate controlling level of genuine benevolence elevated affection knowledge for passion to help and render good as doctrine.

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