By irock | Crypto-Pressure | 28 Nov 2020

What should I write about this about brutality and cruelness, the ones hurting in a sense it shows no humility seeking justice for an end to wickedness major minor I call out for peace striving effortless to reach that while love felt absent, I don't snitch to men in black but some would do in pretense we all act to justify hidden benefits, of what gain and purpose can we all stand for?
Maybe our thoughts have seen progress inspired from failure and courage from great fears we are worried and fearful for most official policies which primary enforces regulation and prevent acts seen as crime worth numerous illegal conducts,merely noticed a bit of such act to the ones deserving discipline, punishment or correction. acting in neglect to supremacy forsaken justice accepting fate of blind demoralized attitudes disbelief for the light to become hope of a great policy which is achieved in pursuit of love for a cause of peace.
was lost myself devoured by tragic moment failing systems to operate on blinded by different views of goal was trying to maintain one creating for a purpose of change in todays harsh and brutal law officially making society a ghetto, some young lad likewise I would've disbelief for a paradise that exist.
Mistaken by outcomes showing less humane to we human living out here discouraged by tomorrow few wouldn't resist much of what was been shown.
Recent event by protesters of the day by the roadside and street with less observation few would be known as student deprived of good academic dropped to heat of smokes wailing for survival, is this a way we shouldn't walk towards?some of us were captive of our own freedom for a bright day ahead mistaking daylight for dawn all done by our thought we shouldn't loose focus of today event listen to the call of good stay in your protected wild.
speaking on neglect it shouldn't prevent our own beings from creating a productive good its hard to see the good in me for a moment it wasn't me doing them soon it was a perfect time for me to ride on the routine felt weird or sick to my whole being recognizing adaptability as another ability of the mind to maintain composure was to the effect as applied analytically, my thoughts already made up for this finding purpose of creating.

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