High Grade No Remedy

By irock | Crypto-Pressure | 27 Jan 2021

Strong deja vu'experienced more recent advanced occasionally was thrilling,it wouldn't cease to ease worries mainly about nothing most of the seen things doesn't feel like deeds, assuming less would think it was her or just me being a parasite like I did mentioned about someone.
Was I seeing me as my problem noticed people with theirs was I previously blind or affected by dosages nothing felt real not even the love I give out in neglect returns its a mission she knew less of those contracts, I mustn't give up in giving out relenting on self with less pressure for self am learning I need to be good I need to be good handling myself what should that mean when I feel like no one truly deserves me am I that worthless to their opinions of me?.., do this means I shouldn't fix or accept who they say I am for what it isn't? Should I continue my mess in the sake of a popular game we all play..? its tragic living in disbelief misunderstanding truth with a mixture of fear my mind left tragic without brace fell deep into the cold it felt different this time.
Missed me much of the unlike form and paranoids real" with the feeling of friendship betide enemy who are friends what should we call the good devil this is of less disadvantage compared to worst angel.
I should see to this things and shouldn't stay to this I always wanted her more than this but it seems I didn't believe in us right before adding sticks to flame,it burnt my scare giving them new look not for her satisfaction she should see me living like me being born to search for heart I understand rebirth was born upright into condemnation .
Beings look bad with little nice we don't see like we are supposed to,we are nothing different could tell we connected couldn't stay blind to that disconnected to get your sight right away why be in control of what controls you was meditating on disconnecting searching and wandering for my chosen aim seen as purpose it been long I remembered any moment of wishing with less thought of intense let the being go hidden and limited by lots of task.
This a form of we what we wanted worth and worked for the world to see if being a creator isn't something made for! what be your divine from the form you became we are being respected for being we shot open airs aiming for the given target seen the desire we all are not craze sinked to my self.c5bdcd5cce128ce77d8c9dad3add8ea129bf1e74e50f3fff50d8024226d267c9.png

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