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By irock | Crypto-Pressure | 28 Nov 2020

That feeling of being prisoned held by lockdown occurence with less proceeding needed more, with less distressing call to any wouldn't be a perfect hero still nuisance to some, testing my qualities while observing the pandemic disastrous effect to our educational system.

perceiving the society, people grew up with different fanatic believes describing less about mine settled my mind at a very young age concluding to myself I found some quality and mode of logic to describe my society, practiced and used by different people across the Globe, some had the custom written down and practiced while passing it down in conventions from generations and it tends to be practiced as social heritage.
Nevertheless this belief system came a long run of tempered description being temperate some neglected and accepted according to various individual mindset, the usefulness of this could impact more on lives than it was quoted down lacking positive qualities tends to attract critics.

Met different character with different view on how we should live and associate, diversity had to be recognized coming down from generations. with great intent held with optimism developed a tradition that would continue regardless of race nor belief and tongue neglecting background and individual former self without critics should embrace divine love as Heritage.
with this benevolence being practiced and implied make away with negative intent about former practiced dogma generating peace through self love also maintaining good balance of living examining the character you develop from former demised self without continuity stop critic form in various practices.
This tradition would impact more positively to our generation than any concluded belief system would do, advocating for this practice it never came documented in scripts but delivered and passed on to our mind realizing our potentials serve as a unique personal tolerance to advocate.

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