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By irock | Crypto-Pressure | 15 Dec 2020

So etching to tell something's never said expreinced life  listening to tones made by the head listening less to dance moves sounds of the tongue agreed less at times felt it was recorded some of that were felt left along time these word spine in and every bits of my head.
Like GPS  seeing him which I left in wonder of the essence of some collision involving patterns and sign seeing him gave excitement unknown spring of joy but he was like them a zombie maybe I had the cure for this it listed among the list its preparing a patient mind in me for a slow process to begin a reign for a new era is this me in his world or he's at mine..
The tempo made for your thought of moving fast is done that way never compromise on the move I had the paper was still rolling and burning for a long while today it added less perfection recognised a lot inside of me my struggle for joy losing sense of grace for survival am weak I cry my expression out supposedly I was them how am I suppose to relate I creep the road wouldn't be far of from home I felt the sun was rising and my destination am getting close too.c

ouldn't feel failed to realise what we started with our questioned desire staying definite brother this questions filled my anxiety, the feeling of staying unique or being isolated acting we never were, lockdown wearied lack much as my energy decreased some fun would do writing them about an old friend. SENTIMENTS. 

  like accident it could impact grace it happens for that actual purpose or some disguise signs couldn't help curious self resumed earlier like most new members  fixed alongside some clique had each other in some nature of gild to sustain, I was the new least among could be respected showing off drugs some would do.
   Guy came around he visited the hill some times few times showing amazing cool guy attitude rapidly we became friends good ones note the friend relationship existed as a thought my cogitation perceiving qualities which were from some herbs shared. 
Solitary efforts been made worth commiting re-considered me of being lost and misinform probably deceived.

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