Crack Code II

By irock | Crypto-Pressure | 16 Dec 2020

Deceiving thoughts mislead the mind it could be delusional consider the way we imagine things we deceive ourselves thinking it really there.
Being mate with the thought of owing responsibility to the clique goodwill shouldn't look dependent or disguised as parasite benefiting we fed around like that we played conducts with no code thought of victims action and language top level of curiousity with the green we played that for long affecting believes It fooled our intelligence. we had this issue it worth nothing my fooling experience was toxicant for something missing we would play and think smart thoughts could drive that long with interest to the play.
kindness numeroulsy feeling it paid instead it played knew acts messy ones constantly moved in a way to avoid negative and mingy ones reflecting to this, showable this were deed less for imitate from leaving preferable good behind poor attitude adversely affected friendships.
Left with zero opinion reflecting consequences I wouldn't pray it feel wrong and unaccepted making zero position would get sad or even mad at the mirror acting to reflect in pretence to befitting deeds. Some wouldn't access that what we feel we wouldn't make good purpose for all that claimed stories sounding tragic while we joint it wouldn't brighten up the atmosphere leaving note in our mind about ours.
No big deal sharing if it didn't bring relief it sound awful hurt stories to our face we don't deserve these look we shouldn't look sad those thought sent hell signals showing less talent in cooked stories spiced in uncertainty, all the acts left me amazed at the skill of crafting crystal lies, wouldn't understand truth with less regret making heed for that involving terribly in acts wouldn't think of that this are personal terms, together we made this scene playing live in dark reality. I had loose so much of me for you at some point I would stare at myself looking stupid many unbalanced event no one would love to loose smelt that my being made for non of your race.

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