Get information about pre-sales (ICO)

You are looking for information about ICO (Initial Coin Offer) but you do not know where to start ? I can give you an advice to start getting information.

My favorite platform is ICO DROPS (, here you will be able to find upcoming/active/ended ICO : 

ico screen

You can also find information about passed ICO and identify which currency it was valuable to buy during the ICO. Following the "ICO stats"( link you will have access to a summary of ICOS.

icodrop stats


What is interesting here, is the possibility to see USD ROI column that represent is the result of the operation "Market price"/"ICO price". Thus, USD ROI greater than 1 represent good deals. We can take an example with the first row of the table, the CTSI coin :

  • Current Market price is 0.0355$
  • This token was sold 0.0150$ during the ICO.
  • People whose participate to the ICO gained 0.0355/0.0150 = 2.37 times their bet.

It's interesting to be able to analyse which ICO got an USD ROI greater than 1 to be able to identify factors that enable this performance.

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Crypto pre-sales information
Crypto pre-sales information

How to find information about crypto pre-sale

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