Do you play video games ? Why don't you get paid for it ?

Do you play video games ? Why don't you get paid for it ?

Stormx is a platform that pay you to do micro task. There is several tasks that can you earn crypto on the platform. One of them is playing video games. Here is a video explaining how it works :

However the device you are using you can install stom and play video games to earn crypto. 

There is different kind of crypto that you can earn :

  • Bitcoin
  • Eth
  • Strom crypto
  • ...


Storm also allows you to spend the crypto you earned. It's like a special weapon on pay to win games ;-).

There is also a referral system to help you earn more money. So do not hesitate to send a registration link to you friends and keep playing video games with them while earning some crypto :-)

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Crypto pre-sales information

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