BNB Miners, Risk it while its early!

By OCCNICK | Crypto Perspectives | 7 May 2022

While there are a slew of the "Miners" popping up there is one thing to know, they are risky. 

Alot of these projects aren't what they say they are. After examining the contracts and going through the motions of breaking down what makes these work ive learned a few things. 

1. They will make you money if you have a nice chunk of initial capital (helps you see ROI faster) 

2. Get in these when they are early. Most devs get greedy and rug pull.

3. The contracts aren't all that 'locked'. Most of these contracts are basic pool contracts with eggs being the LP token in this case. The contracts linnaeite a ratio of eggs to which ever currency the contract is paired with. 
4. Most of these are database driven. Now this is good and bad. The good part is the flow of rewards can be somewhat manipulated to stop the contract from going to 0 very quickly. The bad is that the database can also withdraw bnb from the contract. 


Now not all of these miners are build with ill intent. is one of these. Now their total volume has drop significantly from ATH their project isn't dead yet. Unlike most 'miners' Bakedbeans has multiple streams of BNB coming into the contract from the ecosystem they are building. 
Their native token BCT has fees that allocate BNB to the Bakedbeans contract. 
They have another miner on the Avalanche Network named Toasted Avax
They are also using revenue from merchandise sales to boost the contract.

After about a month and a half with Bakedbeans i did finally receive my initial investment back

Bakedbeans is still growing in community size so the total volume can easily recover thanks to their new marketing campaign in Asia. 

The downside is their UIX is kinda bland and until the total volume comes back up rewards are relatively low. 

Another Miner is the Solar Farm miner, Now this miner is in pre sale of its own token and the contract volume for Solar Farm is less then 1k BNB at the time of writing this. Solar farm's community is very small too but growing. This project is very early and could yield good rewards for early entry. The UIX for Solar Farm miner is more intuitive then the Bakedbeans with a compounding calculator and a breakdown of what each section is. 

I have personally put in some BNB into the solar farm miner. Using its calculator i should see real ROI in 6 days. I will be updating this article with my experience. 

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