TOP Things You Should Know About Publish0x

TOP Things You Should Know About Publish0x

By CryptoOwen | crypto owen | 23 Apr 2020

Many of you may be newer to using Publish0x, which is fine. Nothing wrong with that. You have to start somewhere! If you are reading this now, it's a great place to begin. So how can you use Publish0x to post articles, to connect with other like-minded individuals, or even to make some money while you are at it? I'm here to help! These are the top things you should know about Publish0x. Enjoy & make some money!


I started using this website back in January, after becoming frustrated with Steemit. I spent long hours writing up articles to no avail- I'd get maybe one upvote, probably because someone felt sorry for me, and I thought getting $0.01 on a post was good. Overall I've made more money on here & gained more followers than I got at my entire time using Steemit, which probably was about 6 months or more, but I wasn't as active & made tiny bits from commenting on posts. On here it's much better- you can use the "tip pool" to tip any post you like & for free! Excellent but how do you use it?


One of the first things you are going to want to do is set up your profile! You can click "dashboard" and everything is right there. Navigate to settings & begin! I would recommend uploading an avatar. It helps too if you are already on twitter, to use something similar or the same as, your twitter profile. For me I very simply chose Crypto Owen because that's my twitter username & people already know me & can verify that I'm the same person. Makes things easier if you like my tweets & would like to find my Publish0x content. Also make sure you add a catchy about me, so that people can get a quick glimpse into your life, hobbies, and what you stand for. Lastly I would add your non-exchange ETH/erc20 wallet, so when you go to withdraw, you have your address easily accessible. Withdraws are processed manually on Mondays only, so be sure to put in your withdraw requests before Sunday rolls around & you'll almost certainly be guaranteed to get your bits of altcoins rolling through on Monday! Right now the available coins are DAI, BAT, & LRC, all of which I feel positively about.




DAI is a stablecoin built overtop ETH, as a quick & effective method to cash in & out of ETH. Think of it like USD or fiat. BAT or Basic Attention Token is sort of an advertisers coin, as I call it. It allows you to tip your favorite content creators if you are using Brave Browser, which blocks all ads that aren't crypto related. LRC or Loopring is a decentralized exchange protocol, which allows you to trade effectively on a dex, without giving up access to your private keys. Cool stuff right? When you accumulate enough through writing articles & tipping, you can click payments & withdraw them. Remember withdraws are only processed every Monday. Anyway moving on, just wanted to quickly explain this coin offerings.




Next what I'd recommend doing is browsing the tabs along the top of the page like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, etc, click the pages you like best, and this will basically show you a conglomerate of all the articles that were written and included a tag of whatever you clicked on. Love Ethereum? (I do too). Click the tab, then you can press "subscribe" at the upper left hand corner, which then will show you articles with these tags first, before all the other articles. Very useful tool if you prefer to hear about just Bitcoin, Ethereum, or one of your other favorite altcoins. Nothing wrong with having preferences right? RIGHT.


Another thing I'd highly suggest doing once you get down to it is following users. If you read an article that you think was extremely well written & maybe the author had an impeccable way with words, maybe he was charming or maybe he made you laugh (all three with me, I know) then follow them! Show your love to your favorite authors so they can have a reason to continue posting articles. Making a few bucks in tips is nice but what is even better is making friendships & connections along the way!


So you found a few topics you enjoy, got your profile all set up with a picture & about me, uploaded your wallet withdraw address, now HOW DO YOU MAKE A FEW BUCKS. Simple! Publish0x has the best set up out of any social blogging site. They actually PAY YOU to tip other content creators! You don't have to send over $5 like you do on Hive or Steemit to get started. All you gotta do is sign up & start tipping! You read an article that really spoke to you & you want to give back to the author in some way, shape, or form. You already followed them, you already subscribed to them, what else can you do? Navigate all the way down, just before the comments, feel free to rate the article thumbs up if it was superb, then scroll down a bit further and SMASH THAT TIP BUTTON. You can choose if you want 20% of the tip for yourself all the way to 80% of the tip for yourself. Nothing wrong with taking most of the money for yourself, the content creator still gets a chunk & you get some free crypto! That's all you have to do.




Hope you enjoyed my guide on using Publish0x & getting paid some free money via crypto to tip other content creators!! You'll be well on your way to your first withdraw or maybe your next one after reading this!! I'll probably post an article with tips on writing articles, if you don't want to just be a person who tips, but a person who curates excellent posts that are well-received by a wide crypto audience.


Until next time enjoy the rest of your week, and remember CRYPTO IS THE FUTURE.


Bitcoin is the future. Fiat is the past. Pretty chill dude who is super into cryptocurrency, good music, basketball, football, and life in general. Enjoy every moment, they don't last forever. Tip & comment on my posts! I always try to comment back :)

crypto owen
crypto owen

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