By CryptoOwen | crypto owen | 9 Apr 2020

Crypto is exciting because there is almost ALWAYS something pumping, whether you have a bag or not. The only one I hold on this list is $ZEC currently, that's actually one of my long term bags since I think privacy coins will be HUGE in the future. So here is a comprehensive list of all the top gainers in the past 24 hours-



I've had $ZRX, $DGB, & $DASH in the past too but I'll move my bags around from time to time & lately I've been focusing hard on just stacking $BTC along with a few top altcoins. What are your favorite altcoins? Do you hold any of today's top gainers? Are you moving your portfolio around based off what has been going strong lately & what hasn't?


Some of my personal favorites are $LTC, $ETH, $LINK, $XTZ, $NANO, & yeahh I'll admit I dig $TRX as well for being because a quicker version, albeit not as widely used, of $ETH.


Would love to hear from the community on what altcoins are your favorites!

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crypto owen
crypto owen

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