The Age of Cryptocurrency

By CryptoOwen | crypto owen | 3 Jun 2020

Cryptocurrency is future money. It's certainly interesting to witness the paradigm shift, away from a system of old. Slowly but surely all the events transpiring in the world right now seem to be pushing us further away from the past & quicker into the future. Not only do the days seem to be rapidly coming & going, but also every event is symbolic in that things will never go back to the way they once were. This is increasingly apparent. From coronavirus to protests to rioting to looting to people slowly waking up to the fact that the stock market has nothing to do with whether they are employed or not, but has everything to do with how much money the feds decide to print every month, it feels like change is inevitable & will be in the most permanent of forms. Cryptocurrency fits right in with this set of new ideals.  



Money has always been this sort of tangible form of transferring value from one person to the next. Crypto is no different. If someone on the other side of the world values it just as you do, then why wouldn't anyone want an easier way to transact? Why would things like MoneyGram even make sense anymore when you could just download a wallet on your smartphone & receive money in minutes, sometimes even seconds, with less fees & no middle man? This is why crypto is just getting started in the grand scheme of things. It's going to do to how we view money, what let's say emails did to writing letters. Nobody writes letters anymore period. Yeah maybe you give someone a birthday card but when was the last time you felt it necessary to write someone you knew, a letter via snail mail? Not likely that you have in the past year yet it's likely you sent out an email this morning.  



We are dawning upon a new age in which cryptocurrency will be used everyday without thinking twice, without batting an eye, because it just makes more sense than sending someone you owe $10 in the mail or even Paypal'ing them money. Why? Cutting out the middle man, that's why. Every middle man wants their cut in fees & maybe even wants to see exactly who is doing what. With Bitcoin & others there is hardly a middle man, and the only fees you pay are actually used to pay the person mining the coins, checking the transactions & validating everything. You are essentially paying in to the ecosystem, to keep everything flowing & streamlined. You are literally protesting by doing this. You are voting by doing this. You are putting your money where your mouth is by sending someone even $1. You are saying "No more!" to the archaic method of doing things and saying "Yes!" to technological advances in money. And hey maybe you make a few bucks along the way. But it's not about that- it never was. It's about having full control of your own finances at all times. That is a beautiful thing.  



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So maybe you are here because you heard about crypto, liked the ideas, and wanted to take back power of your money. Maybe you are here to make a few bucks or even make a living off it, in many different ways. Maybe you like gambling. Maybe you are a crypto artist, creating NFTs on the blockchain. Maybe your country's currency is literally losing buying power everyday, some quicker than others, due to completely reckless monetary policies in which fiat is essentially limitless. If something could be created out of thin air & there was no cap to it, nothing backing its value, then why does it have value at all? Why should you spend your hard earned money on it? Why should you have faith in it? You should. That is the entire idea behind this amazing concept of cryptocurrency. Satoshi understood that we were heading into an increasingly digital age & never going back. Money is essentially digital these days & certainly after this whole virus scare, people are thinking less & less of actual cold hard cash. That's why something as revolutionary as Bitcoin could really change the world as we know it.  



The changing of the guard is coming- will you be ready?

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