Legit $50 Bitcoin Giveaway!

By CryptoOwen | crypto owen | 7 Aug 2020

Wanted to spread the word, I just posted this on twitter. Feel free to join in if you have a twitter account. Giving away $50 worth of Bitcoin in 72 hours- https://twitter.com/CryptoOwenW/status/1291606284224147458


The steps are very easy & take only a minute. Follow, retweet, join telegram kinda deal. Someone wins $50, could be someone from this fine community! Fingers crossed. This community has given me so much so it's only fair that I give something back. I love you all, thanks for supporting my posts & tipping! It's always much appreciated.


Also if you want $100 free trading credit & great place to trade with margin that features plenty of altcoins & even up to x150 leverage, use my reflink! http://invite.bingbon.com/DYK81P


I can manually upgrade your commission percentage if you like using Bingbon & would like to invite your friends to use it as well. Feel free to message me on twitter & I'll get back to you as soon as I can- https://twitter.com/CryptoOwenW. Happy trading, hopefully everyone makes some money & let's hope we see $12,000 bitcoin soon!


Until next time, Owen checking out. Stay classy crypto. We're almost there.

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crypto owen
crypto owen

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