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This is completely unprecedented. The largest airdrop ever in history is coming soon to a mailbox near you (probably your mailbox depending where you live.) This is never going to happen again. Well....until the higher ups decide we need another bailout.


As you know this strange & unknown virus, fittingly named after the crappy Mexican cerveza, Coronavirus has been running rampantly through the world, with little sign of slowing down, especially in the United States. So luckily we have a bunch of brilliant leaders, the best group of people, who put their heads together. "How can we fix the brittle economy without shaking things up too much?" Quickly their genius shined through, and they formulated a plan. No ordinary plan. The BEST plan.


What would you do with an extra $1,200 dollars in your wallet? Maybe pay off some bills? Maybe buy some food? Maybe even purchase more Bitcoin. Well we're going to find out, because as Oprah would put it, YOU get $1,200. YOU get $1,200. YOU get, no wait not you, the gov't doesn't like you. YOU get $1,200. This is possibly the greatest plan ever hatched. Not only do you get $1,200, but the Feds are now flooding the market with fresh bills, to the tune of $6 Trillion dollars!! Now you don't have to touch all those dirty old $20s you found in your pants pocket; just throw them out! They'll send you new ones that are much better, much more valuable. As Trump would put it, the people aren't spending their best bills- they're spending the drug money, the illegally obtained money, the monopoly money.


An airdrop as big as this will obviously fix EVERYTHING. Don't worry at all about some stupid virus- they can simply print out even more money if needed & pay the virus to f**k off. It's pretty much that simple. Instead of investing money into the healthcare industry or providing millions of workers who lost their jobs with free health insurance, they dive RIGHT into the root of the problem- the rich people, the corporations, the banks, the airline industries, they all need more money! They don't have enough as it currently stands. If you are reading this, I'm sure you have plenty of money & would have little use for $1,200 anyway. So might as well send most of it to the fat cats on top & let some pennies maybe trickle down your way someday in the distant future. Not like this will inevitably devalue the USD or cause the price of goods you currently buy to skyrocket. No! No way. That's not even happening as we speak, trust me. Just don't look at price gouging lately; take my word for it.


So remember- if you happen to catch COVID-19, simply give it that $1,200 check you received from money that they will infinitely print out & it should go away. The virus is similar to that one bully in school who just wanted your lunch money- it wants your stimulus check. Just remember not to print out your OWN money at home because that will make it too accessible. Use the gov'ts printed money & take it at face value. It's definitely not becoming more worthless as the days go on. You definitely won't end up paying more next year for the same goods you use this year. Everything is fine. Ready for the free $1,200?


Oh by the way, it's essentially an advance on your tax refund next year, but it's definitely free! Nobody has to pay for it.


In all seriousness, this is EXACTLY why Bitcoin was created. Satoshi knew the gov't would endlessly print out money, devalue the dollar until it's practically worthless, leaving the average person shit out of luck while the upper class rides off into the sunset with their millions. Seems fair right?


I had been predicting this stock market crash along the rise of Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies from its ashes for 2 years now. Had a feeling it would be in 2020 & beyond for some odd reason. Things had been seemingly "too fine" for too long. Not forever though. Not with corporations spending all cash reserves on stock buybacks or paying their CEO's exorbitant yearly bonuses, while hardly paying their essential employees a living wage.


Are you okay with this? Will you essentially shut your mouth for a measly $1,200, when the average person probably lost much more than that by not moving their 401ks into money markets? I sure as hell won't be quiet about it. I'll raise my voice louder than ever.


I know votes don't count for much these days but you know how you can vote for an alternative financial system that works for the common person? You can purchase Bitcoin & use it as your bank account instead of allowing banks to loan out your money & profit massively off it due to Fractional Reserve Lending. I say pull your money from the banks & get it into crypto, precious metals, & land. Those will be the real commodities if what I believe is happening, is in fact happening.


Remember a vote for Bitcoin is a vote against the system of old, founded by greed, megalomania, & control of the masses. It's time to wake up. It's time to fight back. The next few years will be the years of Bitcoin & cryptocurrency in general. Mark my words. If you are here now, you are in the right place. Time to settle in & pat yourself on the back. You made it.

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