How to Mint NFTs (Easy Method)

By CryptoOwen | crypto owen | 3 Aug 2020

The world of NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens or simply put- artwork on the blockchain, has been booming lately! Some works of art can sell for as high as 1-5 ETH, even more with one recently selling for over $50,000!! (Picasso's Bull). If you've decided you'd like to put a piece of artwork, trading card, or really anything else on the blockchain, but have no idea how to do the coding behind it, you are in the right spot! (no coding experience needed)=]


First step obviously is create a piece of artwork to put on the blockchain. You can use photoshop, whatever you'd like, even GIMP is a good free version of photoshop. Not as in depth but it'll get the job done. Ready your piece of art for uploading, then we'll advance to step two.


The second step is to click this link- For this process we are using Rarible, which is a very popular NFT website, which not only allows you to mint NFTs, but also is an open marketplace to sell them. There are others I believe but we'll go with Rarible. You'll see this-




Next you'll have to decide whether you want a single NFT to be minted, or multiple NFTs. This depends- for smaller easier to create pieces or art, maybe you'll want to choose multiple. You can sell many of them for cheaper, maybe .02 ETH or so. If you'd like to mint a rare piece of art that took you a long time to create, I'd choose single. By nature anything that is singular is more rare and therefore could sell for more.


After you've chosen that you'll see something that looks like this-




Here you can choose which image you'd like to upload & place forever on the blockchain. Then choose the collection, simply choose Rarible if you aren't planning on create an extensive collection/are just trying this process out.




Afterwards the process is simply going through the form & filling everything out. What do you want your exclusive NFT to be called? How would you like the description to read? Anything you want people to know about it? How much royalties should be received if you sell your piece of art? Any extra properties you want? If you chose multiple, how many copies should be created? Lastly do you want to sell it on here, & how much would you like to sell it for? You can price it in ETH for now but you can also head over to, an online marketplace for NFTs from all over the web & from all walks of life, and there you can choose a different price to sell it at or a different coin to accept for the sale. If you want any bonus content to be unlocked from someone purchasing your NFT, the next step is for that. Once you are finished we move on to the VERY LAST STEP.


The last step is ACTUALLY uploading it on the blockchain. Here you can choose to use MetaMask to pay for the transaction & confirm, or any different number of options-




I typically use MetaMask for these types of things. Once you click that, a link will pop up in your MetaMask or whatever wallet you chose. From there you must enter the gas price you'd like to pay for this process. I would HIGHLY recommend using the average or fast gas price or you'll end up waiting all day, as NFTs are pricier to mint than ETH is to send.


Once you've done that your NFT will show up under "My Collectibles" and you can specify what you'd like to do with it if you haven't already. You can also head over to to sell it on a broader marketplace that includes NFTs from ALL OVER the cryptocurrency space, from a multitude of talented artists.




Well I hope this helps any burgeoning artists get their start! It's literally that easy creating an NFT. The gas price may cost you $4-5 bucks but you can easily recoup that if whatever you create is interesting & drums up some demand. You'll never know until you try it! I minted a few NFTs and sold 2 rather quickly but haven't sold any since, once I increased the price a bit. Feel free to purchase one off me if you'd like! Anyway till next time, Owen checking out. Stay classy Crypto!


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