$50 BITCOIN GIVEAWAY (Free stuff post)

By CryptoOwen | crypto owen | 12 Jun 2020

Here's a giveaway I'm doing on twitter for anyone who is interested! https://twitter.com/CryptoOwenW/status/1271299663010938885


All you have to do is follow the steps to enter to be considered to win $50 worth of Bitcoin. It's that easy! Try it out, you never know if you could be the winner.


More posts on here coming soon, I have a few articles I'm working on for the future. Love Publish0x, the best Cryptocurrency writing platform there is! Cheers friends.


More free stuff-


-50% deposit bonus for Bitcoin, up to 0.1- https://twitter.com/CryptoOwenW/status/1270926036407107584


-$100 free trading credit on Bingbon- https://twitter.com/CryptoOwenW/status/1269761004851941377


That's all folks, for now of course! I'm always working to bring the great crypto community more free stuff like giveaways, bonuses, & trading credit. Sending peace & love to everyone. Enjoy your weekend!

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crypto owen
crypto owen

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